New Titan Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter

Titan Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter (via Titan)
Titan Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter (via Titan)

The new version of the flowmeter is made to give accurate flow measurement of fluids from -10 to +110 degrees Celsius. The company used their PEEK pipe connections for the meter and gives the option of a glass or stainless steel flow tube.

The Atrato meets an ingress protection standard (administered by the International Electrotechnical Commission) of IP54, which protects from physical ingress into the device from something as fine as dust and is protected from water spray from any direction.

Titan uses a patented time-of-flight ultrasonic technology to provide accurate readings over a broad set of flow ranges.

To increase versatility, the flowmeter is made with a tough, clean bore design. It uses a signals processing system to take measurements of fluid across the Reynolds number range so that it can be applied to viscous and non-viscous fluids.

For ease of use and installation, the Atrato comes with a USB interface that allows it to monitor flow rate and volume on a PC. The port also allows users to change the operating conditions of the meter from their computer.

Titan Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter (via Titan)