October 3, 2017

Steel ball valves help eliminate 20,000 tons of CO2 a year

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Ultravalve, a process valve and RPZ valve specialist owned by Bonomi, has supplied valves for a ground-breaking district heat project in Greenwich, London.

Based in the Midlands, Ultravalve is the exclusive UK partner for Vexve, a Finnish valves manufacturer specialising in district heating and cooling valves. Ultravalve has supplied the project with Vexve Full Bore Steel Ball Valves Flanged PN16 sized from DN80 to DN500. The ambitious, innovative project is expected to eliminate 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per annum.

The Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon District Energy Centre (Greenwich Energy Centre) is situated in one of London’s major urban development zones, serving 15,700 new homes and over 300,000­2 of office space in what is the largest residential new-build district heating system in Europe.

The centre houses boilers and a combined heat and power plant. Heat energy is distributed via a district heating network from the energy centre to each plot across the development.

“Ultravalve and Vexve have worked with specialist UK district heat consultants on numerous other projects, but this is our most significant project to date, both in terms of magnitude and value,” said Ultravalve managing director Bill Brach.

“In addition to our high performance Vexve valves being virtually maintenance free, the fact that we could supply them in a wide range of sizes; from DN 15mm right up to DN 800mm backed up by Vexve’s renowned fast delivery, played a significant part in the project consultants choice of valve supplier.”

The Paris climate agreement and funding announced by the UK government in 2015 have led to a strong demand for environmentally friendly and efficient heating in Britain.

A report commissioned by the Department of Energy & Climate Change showed that heat networks have the technical potential to supply as much as 43% of heat demand for buildings by 2050.

“Ultravalve’s ability to offer the services of a global manufacturer, combined with our pro-active and local service were also important, and we were quickly able to fulfil any additional requirements for parts or specification changes as the project progressed,” Brach added.

“We anticipate that this will be the first of many such projects as cities throughout the UK investigate the feasibility and long term benefits of district heating. The suitability of our products in this type of environment and the experience we have gained working on the Greenwich project makes us the ideal choice of supplier in this field.”


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