February 11, 2016

Nidec launches market’s only IE4 certified EC motor

Nidec Motor Corporation has launched a new motor for variable torque pumps, fans, blowers, farm vents and hydronic pumps.

The US Motors brand 3-10hp electronically commutated (EC) motor, with an IE4 (Super Premium efficiency) rating, comes integrated with a tuned variable frequency drive (VFD) and is part of the Accu-Series line of variable speed products.

The new motor is the only integrated EC motor in the marketplace that is rated IE4.

Commercial and industrial users choosing to move to the expanding IE4 motor category are doing so in large part because of the high efficiencies and the quicker return on investment in the form of electricity savings that these motors can provide.

The new integrated motor and drive was designed with ferrite magnets rather than rare earths for more consistent pricing and cost structure. 

The brushless permanent magnet motor (BPM) and drive have an integrated user interface that allows for easy setup.

The product is simpler than a modular approach, and it reduces costs and lead-time by eliminating cabling between motor and separate control.

It also reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and corona, which can result in power loss and interfere with performance.

The motor is designed to mount in all standard NEMA or IEC mechanicals/constructions, has an IP54 rating, and can replace an induction motor and off the shelf drive.

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