Volume 5, Issue 2
Published: March 10, 2017
Safety on many levels

SafCo Engineering was founded in 2003 for the design and manufacture of fire and gas safety systems and equipment for the industrial sector. Initially focussing on products, the company is now more focussed on system integration. Highlighting its systems integration capabilities, it was recently called upon by a leading oil and gas company in the Middle East to develop and deploy an integrated, single-platform fire and gas safety solution for all of the assets in one of its major refineries.

This is what makes the project so interesting – it is one of the first in the world to leverage a single architecture for both the refinery and the office buildings, using the PlantPAx process automation solution from Rockwell Automation, alongside the SafCo intelligent fire panel. In this type of installation, the traditional approach is to have separate fire and gas safety systems for the plant and the office buildings. The individual needs of both areas are currently catered for by mature technologies, which are seen in applications around the world, but they often rely on completely different communication protocols and associated networks.

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