Volume 5, Issue 1
Published: January 27, 2017
Cheshire, UK-based T-T Flow has an innovative approach to preventing the damaging effects of water hammer, which has seen the company win contracts from water authorities across the globe. The non-slam... [Read more]
Weir Flow Control is a global solutions provider for the power, industrial, oil and gas, and mineral sectors. Consisting of eight businesses around the world, Weir produces 14 brands of valves, actuators,... [Read more]
Building business associations is a widespread practice in Spain. The associations’ paramount objective is the defence and strengthening of their represented sector. There are many associations in... [Read more]
Regardless of the pulping methods, paper mill pumps are put under immense strain due to the transfer of viscous material throughout the pulping process. Together, the sludge and slurries combine a high... [Read more]
The use of magnets, both weak and strong, is a proven technology in several professional and industrial sectors. One of them happens to be fluid handling, where magnets are used in break-away couplings,... [Read more]
There is currently a trend in the fluid handling industry, as in so many others worldwide, to become more environmentally and socially conscious in the face of global climate change and international agreements,... [Read more]
In all areas of industry where measurement of the flow of fluids is important, flowmeters effectively act as cash registers – they directly measure the revenue being accrued by the operating company... [Read more]
Of the many products that are bought and sold based on flow rate measurements, liquid hydrocarbons provide us with unique challenges because of the wide range of physical and chemical properties that exist... [Read more]
In liquefied natural gas (LNG) transfer, diversity is the norm. From traditional import and export terminals to floating storage regasification units (FSRUs), LNG barges and LNG carriers (LNGCs), LNG connections... [Read more]
Looking back with nostalgia on early driving days as a teenager and young adult in the 1970s and 1980s, the first cars were generally used cars and relatively inexpensive. As such, they required a lot... [Read more]
Black powder is a common iron sulphide contaminant of sales gas pipelines in the Middle East. It clogs and erodes valves, leading to flow losses and reduced process control. One Middle East oil and gas... [Read more]
Fugitive emissions is a concern across all facets of the fluid handling industry. The effects it poses to the environment, employees' health, and the manufacturers' bottom line is troubling, and it is... [Read more]
In oil and gas, petrochemicals, and other demanding industries, flowmeters need to be calibrated (i.e., "proved") to ensure accurate readout and measurement. Flowmeter accuracy is right at the heart of... [Read more]
A Colorado energy producer is taking advantage of new Coriolis mass flowmeter technology that ensures both stable and uninterrupted measurements of oil with high gas content. Denver-based Bonanza Creek... [Read more]
The COP21 meeting in Paris was a seismic event that will have a huge effect on sustainability. Future legislation and guidelines are likely to be shaped by what was decided at the conference. Rob Jenkinson,... [Read more]