Volume 4, Issue 4
Published: July 1, 2016
When petroleum products are traded, volumes have to be converted into weight, and vice versa. It is vital for this calculation to be performed correctly, because even the smallest inaccuracy will... [Read more]
For most manufacturers, procurement strategies for direct spend items – such as raw materials and items forming part of the finished product – are carefully planned and... [Read more]
Lubricating oil systems rely on clean operating fluids, and are subject to failures due to contamination. Particles in lubricating oil systems might lead to system failures or machine downtime.... [Read more]
In April 2015, a Norwegian floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel requested a solution to rebuild, strengthen, and protect corroded pipes. A series of pipes on board... [Read more]
The importance of pipeline integrity is growing in the oil and gas industry. New regions of oil and gas production and growing demand are driving the construction of new pipelines and reversals... [Read more]
There are many options and several conditions that need to be considered when purchasing the right valve for a job. The more information from the field, the better the choice will be. The... [Read more]
The Filanovskogo (Filanovsky) oil field, 50km offshore in the Northern Caspian Sea, was discovered in 2005. With reserves of 153.1 million tonnes of oil and 32.2 billion m3 of gas,... [Read more]
It's a fact! Electric and pneumatic actuators, positioners, and process controllers play a key role in modern process automation. They deliver reliable, hardworking, and truly effective... [Read more]
The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) landscape has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Industry dynamics have been driven by new gas discoveries on the supply side, while shifting demographics... [Read more]
Globe valves, which are used for regulating flow in pipelines, consist of a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body. They are named for their body... [Read more]
Mining companies and many other industries are learning that pumping high solid content slurries provide enormous savings. Often when moving high solid content slurries, the pump of choice... [Read more]
One of the challenges faced by the offshore oil and gas industry is cleaning water contaminated with oil produced by the drilling operations so that it can be disposed of in accordance... [Read more]
Peristaltic pumps are used for a broad range of fluid handling applications. They are simple, low-cost, and flexible. As soon as requirements are more challenging, such as when media compatibility... [Read more]
In 1748, Francois Boch and his three sons decided to open a pottery company in the small French village of Audun le Tiche, near the country's northeastern border. To illustrate just... [Read more]
In many process engineering applications, pump systems form the backbone of production and greatly impact the economic efficiency of the entire system. Pumps consume a large amount... [Read more]
The best and brightest of the Asian tank storage scene will crowd to The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on 27-28 September. Let our preview help you decide who to see and where to go.... [Read more]
The presence of sufficient heat is key in the extraction of crude oil when other natural or applied recovery methods are not available. During the primary recovery stage, reservoir... [Read more]
Heat tracing systems, also called satellite systems play an essential role in the correct functioning of industrial installations. Technical solutions that guarantee safe working of... [Read more]