Volume 4, Issue 2
Published: February 26, 2016
In 2012, it was reported that weaknesses in the manufacture of sterile injectable drugs resulted in almost one third of the biopharmaceutical industry's manufacturing capacity being... [Read more]
Many will have surely heard the word homogenisation before, but might not necessarily know what it is. Basically, homogenisation is a process used to make a mixture of two mutually... [Read more]
Right along the oil and gas supply chain – from extraction through to delivery to the end user – safety is the number one concern. When an operator wants to isolate a pipeline,... [Read more]
Pilot-operated pneumatic valves are used in a huge array of industrial applications, from simple on/off operations to those using multiple inlets and outlets for more complex logicbased control... [Read more]
A food industry company based in northern France was looking for a solution to transfer fruit puree from barrels to a heated mixer. Fruit puree is a food product composed of finely ground fruits, in... [Read more]
The main factor driving the market of pumps today is the increasing use of sophisticated devices both for individual and industrial use. The challenges faced by the industry are two-fold,... [Read more]
Transferring road surfacing products from bulk holding tanks to road tankers demands pumps that are not only capable of handling the liquid, but are also wholly reliable to ensure that... [Read more]
A large UK water company works to supply drinking water to the city of Manchester from the Longdendale Chain of reservoirs in northern Derbyshire. Originally conceived in the late 1800s,... [Read more]
Since their introduction in the 1950s, electromagnetic flowmeters have become one of the most widely used flowmeter types for measuring water and other liquids. Also known as Magmeters,... [Read more]
Municipalities that are looking to accurately measure their water flow rates often fall into one of three categories. One, they may want a flow control valve that has the ability to... [Read more]
Flow measurement instrumentation options are many, and the challenge of picking the right one for a particular application can be daunting. Many experienced plant personnel default to... [Read more]
Tank World Expo, the definitive tank storage event for the Middle East and North Africa regions, will take place on 12-13 April, 2016, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The two-day event brings... [Read more]
Every day millions of patients worldwide receive intravenous (IV) infusion therapy, many times assisted by a smart infusion pump. These pumps provide well-controlled drug delivery over... [Read more]
In the last 20 years, the design and technology used in tanker loading and unloading systems in the pharmaceutical industry has changed surprisingly little. Tankers are still between... [Read more]
Acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) moves liquids with sound. When a pulse of ultrasonic energy passes through a liquid and is focused at the meniscus of the fluid, a droplet of fluid can... [Read more]
Rubber-in-compression couplings provide failsafe operation, protecting both staff and machinery. Torque is transmitted through compressed rubber blocks, which dampens vibration and... [Read more]
It is often thought that hydraulic hose failure cannot be predicted, and as a fairly inexpensive component, many production managers accept failure as unavoidable. Equally, it is common... [Read more]