Volume 3, Issue 5
Published: November 2, 2015
The Panama Canal Expansion Program (PCEP), the largest development project of the canal since its original construction, will double the waterway’s capacity and have a direct impact on economies... [Read more]
As the first Severn Bridge in Wales approaches its 50th anniversary, the millions of drivers that cross it each year will be blissfully unaware of just how crucial the pumping operation is some 70m underground... [Read more]
Langguth Chemie, based in Konigsbrunn, Germany, produces various types of cleaners, disinfectants, and detergents for commercial and industrial applications, as well as personal-care products like soaps,... [Read more]
Throughout all areas of process engineering, there are applications where the transfer of fluids requires sensitive pumping action so as not to damage or change the structure of the media being handled.... [Read more]
Knowing a fluid’s viscosity is essential for properly sizing piping and pumps. The viscosity of all fluids changes with temperature – the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity. For... [Read more]
Today’s building design and architectural trends demand constant innovation in materials manufacture, especially for prestigious or high profile commercial projects. As a consequence, manufacturers... [Read more]
An extensive review of safety measures recommended by the MB Lal Committee in India, following an accidental fire at Indian Oil Corp.’s Jaipur Terminal, has resulted in the introduction of electrohydraulic... [Read more]
Due to recent developments in the oil and gas industry, it has become increasingly important for valve companies to carry a robust, complete product line. As natural gas has become more abundant, it has... [Read more]
Crimping can be defined as joining two pieces of metal or other ductile material together by deforming one or both of them to hold the other. While crimping is most prevalent in electrical connections,... [Read more]
It was early in 1838 when Regnault, a French chemist working on the synthesis of chlorinated hydrocarbons – such as dichloromethane, polyvinylidene chloride, and vinyl chloride – noted the... [Read more]
In all industries, problem solving, developments in technology, and challenging standard practices are key to improving production and performance. In environments where components are exposed to aggressive... [Read more]
In generating electric power for several hundred thousand residents, businesses, and government facilities in the Southwestern US, a large multi-site electric utility takes great care to protect the steam... [Read more]
H. James Harrington, an American entrepreneur and author, once said: ‘Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you... [Read more]
A flange, as defined by Collins dictionary, is ‘a projecting disc-shaped collar or rim on an object for locating or strengthening it or for attaching it to another object’. This benign description... [Read more]
The integrity of flanged connections is critical to the containment of fluids in a piping system. Loss of containment – whether in chemical lines, such as hydrocarbon and gas systems, or water distribution... [Read more]
Rolling element bearings are a key constituent part of virtually every rotating machine, including liquid pumps, and consequently represent a significant cost for manufacturers – in the UK alone,... [Read more]
Pressure switches and pressure sensors are the unsung heroes of pneumatic actuation and control systems. Designed to operate accurately and reliably in harsh environments for years, or even decades at... [Read more]
Khan Shatyr is the tallest tensile structure in the world and the first shopping and entertainment centre to be built in the capital of Kazakhstan. Designed by the British architectural firm Foster + Partners,... [Read more]
From hydrostatic to optoelectronic to modern capacitive sensors, level sensor technology covers a wide range of options. But not all sensor systems are suitable for every job or application. Further, customisation... [Read more]