Volume 3, Issue 4
Published: August 17, 2015
Fluid handling products such as valves, filtration instrumentation, mixers, recording equipment, pumps and seals among others are used for fluid process handling in pharmaceutical industries. During the... [Read more]
Positive displacement (PD) flowmeters are not in the news today as much as Coriolis and ultrasonic meters, yet they have been around for much longer than either of these more modern types. Their history... [Read more]
Situated on the banks of the River Isla in Speyside, UK, the Chivas Brothers’ Glen Keith distillery re-opened in June 2013, having been silent since 1999. Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky and... [Read more]
Biodiesel is an important energy source. Its use is promoted through national and international legislation as part of an overall global strategy to reduce carbon emissions. Produced from sustainable renewable... [Read more]
While many process engineers are familiar with traditional steam flow metering technologies such as orifice plates, venturi, vortex, rotameters, ultrasonic, and others, cone meters are emerging as another... [Read more]
the Clyde Platform, situated in UKCS block 30/17b, located approximately 175 miles from Aberdeen, since its acquisition of the asset from BP Exploration in January 1997. It is a fixed platform on which... [Read more]
For companies using liquefied gas tankers to transport their products, it makes sound economic sense that, when the transporter vehicles return to their depot, any product that remains in the tank is extracted... [Read more]
heroes of most everyday processes. On average, the regular person will experience a process that has been powered by a centrifugal pump eight times a day sometimes without even knowing. It is the same... [Read more]
In the oil and gas industry, one comes across diaphragm pumps within a wide performance range, from exploration and processing up to transportation to the consumer. A great variety of applications is included... [Read more]
Traditional pump control systems rely upon a series of manual processes that require the attention of an operator or multiple operators along a plant line. In contrast, a closed-loop controller allows... [Read more]
Drips are common – faucets drip, air conditioners drip, wet hair and clothes drip. But when it comes to industrial equipment, drips are no laughing matter. Leaky industrial equipment represents not... [Read more]
Perhaps surprisingly, there is no generally agreed or official definition as to what severe service is. Essentially, it may be taken to mean operating conditions where replacement of a valve is either... [Read more]