Volume 3, Issue 2
Published: March 27, 2015
The primary function of a check valve is to prevent the backward flow of liquid or gas. They are often likened to a simple door opening and closing but in reality there are an enormous amount of considerations... [Read more]
There are hundreds of types of valves and thousands of variations within those types. Some are phenomenal when used in clean services or chemicals but will not perform well in light or heavy solids. A... [Read more]
Valves used in the nuclear sector typically perform one of four functions: isolation, non-return (flow check), over-pressure relief, and modulating/throttling. The most demanding type are the modulating... [Read more]
The valve automation market is continually shifting. Since the recession, manufacturers and suppliers of valve automation equipment have had to begin to adapt to accommodate factors that have altered their... [Read more]
Lube oil manufacturing plants are being built or expanded around the world to cope with increasing demand – most of which originates in Asia. Perhaps not surprisingly, China is projected to win the... [Read more]
Europe’s largest fully integrated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production plant is located in the north of the German Ruhr region. The plant produces the plastic material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) using... [Read more]
There are certain liquids which, due to their composition, characteristics, or how they react to process conditions (and in some situations, a combination of all three) will present challenges to achieving... [Read more]
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Mont St Michel, Normandy is the second most important tourist attraction in France, attracting more than 2.5 million visitors each year. Built on a rocky outcrop one kilometre... [Read more]
Eastech was the first company to introduce vortex flowmeters to the market in 1969. These meters were then popularised by Yokogawa in the early 1970s. Since that time, other major suppliers such as Emerson... [Read more]
Fiscal measurement encompasses allocation and custody transfer flow measurement, where allocation is the assignment of product quantities to owners, leases or individual source streams, while custody transfer... [Read more]
On 6 August 2013, EMCO Chemical Distributors opened a new 300,000ft2 corporate headquarters and manufacturing/distribution facility in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, US. EMCO is one of the 10 largest privately... [Read more]
As global conditions place more stress on water resources, a great deal of attention is being paid to water reuse technologies, particularly those that facilitate the reuse of the next level of difficult-to-treat... [Read more]
In the drinks industry, plants are almost exclusively cleaned using a Clean-in- Place (CIP) process. The measurement of conductivity is particularly important during CIP cleaning, as conductivity can be... [Read more]
A £1.6 million (€2.27 million) investment by Landsdowne Chemicals at its Carterton production facility in Oxfordshire, UK, has produced a state-of-art automated facility where safety factors... [Read more]