Volume 3, Issue 1
Published: February 6, 2015
Power station steam turbines have a tough job. They are exposed for prolonged periods to steam at temperatures of up to 700°C and pressures up to 300 bar. At those temperatures and pressures, the advanced... [Read more]
For several years Aberdeen-based HPR UK has provided a one-stop shop for remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and ancillary equipment, experienced pilots and survey engineers to carry out inspection projects... [Read more]
Fluid handling technologies have to keep up with ever more sophisticated and efficient processes in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, waste/wastewater, and food and beverage industries. Flotronic... [Read more]
Fugitive emissions (FE) are emissions of gases or vapours from pressurised equipment due to leaks and various other unintended or irregular releases of gases, mostly from industrial activities. As well... [Read more]
As production and utility plant areas prepare for upcoming maintenance turnarounds (TAR), outages, and shut-downs, effective planning can save time and curtail expenses associated with the testing, repair,... [Read more]
Adopted for valve control across a range of industrial installations, electric actuators are often located behind the scenes and, as such, are frequently the unsung heroes of automation processes. Actuators,... [Read more]
The electric and pneumatic actuators of today deliver safe, reliable, hardworking and truly efficient solutions for modern process automation. They have become an integral part of process control, offering... [Read more]
Saving downtime and associated costs is a major part of managing costs, known to significantly increase efficiency and profitability across many industry sectors. Most modern process plants now implement... [Read more]
Transmitters are used in plant construction in numerous applications. For example, they detect the pressure or differential pressure in oil and gas pipelines and other process lines. However, in contrast... [Read more]
The inland waterways of the East Riding of Yorkshire are important for many reasons, including navigation, recreation and trade, as well as being a key part of the ‘ecological infrastructure’,... [Read more]
Level measurement equipment is arguably the most important instrumentation for large storage tanks. Storage is at a premium, and making the best use of it at a terminal is what the business is all about.... [Read more]
The early 1960s was a period of significant engineering advancement. In the UK, the Forth Road Bridge was opened to link Fife and Edinburgh, the British Motor Corporation launched the Austin 1800, which... [Read more]
The UK petrochemical and chemical industry has been implementing higher safety standards at new and existing plants since 2009, following recommendations agreed with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)... [Read more]
As the name suggests, bearing isolator seals are primarily used to protect often the most expensive components in any rotating plant and equipment – the bearings. They utilise labyrinth technology... [Read more]
Every 12 months, the heat transfer fluid in a system can lose between 3-5% of its volume due to system venting. This represents the ‘breathing out’ of light ends in the form of a gas that is... [Read more]