Volume 2, Issue 4
Published: November 21, 2014
It seems as though the flow rate could be miraculously measured by simply laying a hand on the pipe. However, the times of skepticism towards non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement technology are over.... [Read more]
Positive displacement flowmeters (PD meters) have been utilised among important applications such as petroleum trading for many years, since PD meters, in principle, can measure the volumetric flow directly... [Read more]
No matter how sophisticated a fluid analyser system may be, it will be ineffective if a sample flow fails to reach the analyser sensor or if the sample is contaminated or stale. The most advanced systems... [Read more]
Global oil production now exceeds more than 90 million barrels per day (bpd), an increase of more than 1 million bpd over the 2013 average. For an industry that regularly communicates and tracks progress... [Read more]
Pumps and flowmeters are no strangers to the automotive industry, having been used in various production processes for years – most notably for painting and coating. However, new demands for advanced... [Read more]
With operating efficiency and cost reductions being a major focus of businesses today, AODD pump manufacturers have introduced new technologies in ADS to increase pump efficiency and meet these demands.... [Read more]
There are a wide variety of pump designs to aid flow through piping systems, but they fall into two general categories: kinetic and positive displacement. Centrifugal pumps, which fall into the ‘kinetic’... [Read more]
In the modern industrial world, it is becoming more common to move increased volume of chemical and acids around by ship, lorry and in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) for use on sites, and so... [Read more]
In complex processing environments, operational safety, reliability and economic performance are intertwined. Any industrial process that operates under conditions of significant heat and pressure is challenged... [Read more]
Man-made valves have been around for thousands of years. The first examples were discovered in Roman and Greek ruins and were used to regulate the flow of water in aqueducts and public fountains. Modern... [Read more]
Skid mounted heat transfer systems represent a growing segment in the commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Heat media fluids, from water to oil to glycol, are stored in insulated tanks on... [Read more]
Due to the cyclical nature of the range of temperatures handled by shell and tube heat exchangers, engineers have tolerated poor performance, particularly with regards to leakages. Available sealing options... [Read more]
Bearing protection is particularly important in many fluid handling applications where downtime can be extremely costly due to product spoilage or lost revenues. These critical fluid handling applications... [Read more]
The ongoing surge in oil and natural gas production in the US has not only led to record levels of production and supply, but also had a positive effect in many other areas. One group involved in the oil... [Read more]
The word ‘automate’ has been around since 1945, about 20 years before the introduction of industrial robots. It implies the replacement of a human operation with an automatic one, either through... [Read more]
The Ameren Sioux Energy Center Unit 1, part of the expansive supercritical coal-fired plant located in St. Louis, US, was experiencing progressively worse temperature control problems into year 2012 with... [Read more]