Volume 2, Issue 3
Published: September 22, 2014
As can be seen in the graph below, there was a significant spike in market activity with 23 transactions – including company and asset acquisitions – in Q1 2014. Q2 returned to what has been... [Read more]
The new series of standards for the construction of switch and control systems, DIN EN 61439, will take effect on 1 November 2014, superseding the previous standard DIN EN 60439 with a transition period.... [Read more]
Coriolis mass flowmeters use the properties of mass to measure mass. In an analogy, when a fixed mass is rotating on a turntable, centrifugal force pushes the mass outward, but there are no forces pushing... [Read more]
Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeters are widely used to measure liquids and gases, and both are just beginning to be used to measure steam. Because both flowmeters are very popular with end-users, it is... [Read more]
There are dozens of different types of flowmetering technology applied to the measurement of low liquid flows. Most of these designs are quite old and have moving parts, whilst the market is evolving towards... [Read more]
Municipalities that are looking to accurately measure their water flow rates often fall into one of three categories: 1. They want a flow control valve that has the ability to vary flow rates over time... [Read more]
Promethean Particles is aiming to scale up its operations through the development of a reactor plant using high-pressure triplex plunger pumps from Cat Pumps. Promethean Particles has already demonstrated... [Read more]
It seems that the pressure on operators who use fluid handling techniques to operate efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner continues to increase on an almost daily basis. This puts an intense... [Read more]
Product recovery is a topic that can critically affect the profitability of food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, from the most basic production-line level on through entire plant... [Read more]
Suurmond is a privately owned company, headquartered in Nunspeet in the Netherlands, providing engineered solutions for the industrial chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as providing... [Read more]
Process control actuators have an important role to play in chemical dosing and blending. Constant, precise control of the volume of fluid injected into the process is dependent on the accuracy and reliability... [Read more]
Handling and dosing of chemicals is not an easy task, especially making sure that all used materials are compatible with the chemicals and meet fluid handling requirements. This is mainly the case in the... [Read more]
The phrase ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ implies that the more one knows about something, the more they lose respect for its characteristics and, in this case, potential hazards. Never has... [Read more]
A wide range of industries, including chemicals, refineries, pulp and paper, and many others, rely on sealing devices to keep their piping systems, pumps, valves and other equipment from leaking. Because... [Read more]
The use of variable speed drives has become more prevalent in industry in an effort to increase the efficiency of pumping systems. The ability to adjust the rotational speed of a rotodynamic pump has been... [Read more]
To achieve prevention of media reaching each other in contacting mechanical seals, different materials are employed, including mechanical carbon-graphite with resin or antimony impregnation, metals and... [Read more]
The integrity of flanged connections is critical to the containment of fluids in a piping system. Loss of containment, whether in chemical lines such as hydrocarbons and gas systems or water distribution... [Read more]