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January 9, 2017
Hantemp Controls, a manufacturer of stainless steel liquid control devices, is now offering the model S4At stainless steel solenoid valve. While ideal for ammonia, these solenoid valves can also control CO2, fluorinated refrigerants, glycols, pure water, light oils, and other approved liquids. For ammonia refrigeration systems, they can be used for overfeed/recirculating... [Read More]

January 9, 2017
IMI Precision Engineering has expanded its valve product offering with the addition of the new IMI FAS 6.5mm Flexisol, a direct acting two-way or three-way valve. Developed to deliver optimum performance and all-round efficiency and designed for compact environments and easy installation, Flexisol incorporates a host of functional and practical features. With a footprint... [Read More]

January 9, 2017
Heerema Marine Contractors has chosen Emerson Automation Solutions to provide a valve remote control (VRC) system for the world’s largest semi-submersible offshore crane vessel SSCV Sleipnir, currently under construction at Sembcorp Marine’s shipyard in Singapore, is a 220m long vessel designed for the installation and removal of large offshore structures. These... [Read More]

December 16, 2016
Check-All Valve has introduce a new EPIC series of in-line spring-loaded poppet-type check valves designed to be cost effective, simple, rugged and efficient in any flow orientation. The EPIC is machined from 300 series stainless steel bar stock with Aflas seat/seals and a ½-PSI stainless steel spring (cracking pressure). It is streamlined so that media flows... [Read More]

December 16, 2016
Gemü has introduced its new eSyDrive motorised actuator, designed as a response to increasing requirements in the area of motorised valves as they replace pneumatically operated valves. Designed on the basis of the hollow shaft principle in conjunction with technology that does not use brushes or sensors, the eSyDrive offers a high level of reproducibility for positioning... [Read More]

December 5, 2016
Asco has introduced the 045 Series line of pinch valves, offering low power consumption and less heat transfer for protection of liquid media for analytical and medical instruments The new pinch valves are designed with a small form factor that is half the height of competitive products, according to Asco. This makes them well-suited for compact instruments that are... [Read More]

December 1, 2016
Rotork has improved its Pakscan two-wire digital control system with the introduction of a new P4 master station capable of running the new Pakscan Plus ultra-fast control loop. On the P4 master station, a large touch screen display provides an easy-to-use, multilingual user interface providing quick device setup, interrogation, and issue resolution. NAMUR standard diagnostic... [Read More]

December 1, 2016
German actuator manufacturer Auma is preparing to replace its KP and KES connections for explosion-proof actuators with the new electrical KT connection. The new connector, as well as the two previous ones, feature a modular design that simplifies their purchasing and installation, and they are implemented via Auma’s plug/socket connector. “The new KT plug/socket... [Read More]

November 30, 2016
Velan France, a subsidiary of Canadian valve manufacturer Velan, has been awarded contracts to supply nuclear-class valves to China Nuclear Power Engineering Corp. (CNPEC), China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. (CNPE), China Nuclear Energy Industry Corp. (CNEIC), and State Nuclear Power Engineering Corp.(SNPEC). These nuclear valve orders represent a sales value of about... [Read More]

November 25, 2016
Valve maker Rotork has fitted and delivered its IQ3 intelligent electric actuators to fifteen gate valves at a Canadian oil sands mine project. In a recent contract, Rotork’s facility at Calgary fitted the actuators to gate valves sized 42", 48" and 60" and shipped them to the Suncor Fort Hills project in the Athabasca region of Alberta. The contract is one of... [Read More]

November 22, 2016
German valve maker Gemü has equipped its valves with integrated RFID chips to enable continuous electronic traceability and direct maintenance support in response to industry’s growing needs for documentation. The system, referred to as Gemü Conexo, comprises valves with an integrated RFID chip (in the body, diaphragm, and actuator), an electronic reading... [Read More]

November 16, 2016
Parker Bestobell Marine has secured a $5 million (€4.6m) order from Korea’s Daewoo Marine Shipbuilding & Engineering (DSME) for the supply of cryogenic globe valves. The valves will be delivered for nine liquid natural gas (LNG) carriers destined for the Yamal gas field in Russian Siberia. Sheffield, UK-based Parker Bestobell Marine has already secured... [Read More]

November 15, 2016
Tectra Automation, part of the Hytec Group, has made its Aventics ES05 essential valve system series available in South Africa. Designed specifically to reduce the number of components, assembly is completed with one single tool, making installation easier for distributors, machine manufacturers, and system integrators with the added benefit of reducing the risk of faults. The... [Read More]

November 15, 2016
The solenoid valve market is evolving continuously and expected to witness significant growth until 2021, with constant evolution in leading to the development of new technologies. According to an upcoming study by Persistence Market Research, the factors driving growth in the market are increasing applications of solenoid valves in various industrial sectors, lower valve... [Read More]

November 3, 2016
Metso has signed an agreement on a comprehensive valve delivery for Kilpilahti Power Plant in Porvoo, Finland. Metso's valves will be used in conjunction with the power plant's three different boiler units to control the power plant's process flows. Optimally selected, reliable valve solutions enable efficient and safe energy production at low costs and with minimal... [Read More]

October 31, 2016
German valve and actuator manufacturer Auma has launched the new SA multi-turn actuator suitable for continuous underwater use, opening up new applications of electric actuators. The new product is intended for use in water supply systems, hydropower plants, civil engineering constructions for water applications, and specific offshore applications. Where water supply... [Read More]