News Category: Temperature & Pressure Control
November 25, 2015
Electronic Temperature Instruments has introduced a new budget differential thermometer kit to meet the needs of HVAC engineers and plumbers. The ETI differential thermometer measures temperature over the range of -99.9 to 299.9°C with a 0.1°C resolution or 300 to 1372°C with a 1°C resolution. The thermometer features a custom, LCD display with °C/°F,... [Read More]

November 24, 2015
Emerson has released new features to its Rosemount 3051S pressure transmitter to allow new measurement possibilities in high process temperatures or changing ambient conditions The new Rosemount 3051S thermal range expander with new UltraTherm 805 oil fill fluid enables pressure measurements by direct-mounting a diaphragm seal system to processes that reach up to 410°C... [Read More]

November 9, 2015
LumaSense Technologies has introduced its next generation petrochemical infrared sensor, the Pulsar 4 for optimisation of sulphur recovery processes. The Pulsar 4 is LumaSense’s latest addition to its E2T line of petrochemical infrared sensors. Oil and gas operations are heavily dependent on combustion-based processes to supply the world’s growing energy... [Read More]

October 7, 2015
US-based measurement solution provider Omega has introduced the Platinum series controller demonstration/evaluation kit. The PT-DEMO PID controller offers a fully integrated temperature control system suitable as a platform to investigate the use of closed loop (PID) and simple on/off temperature control in heating and cooling applications. The controller is well suited... [Read More]

September 10, 2015
Morgan Advanced Materials has launched a new range of high-accuracy sensors for the oil and gas extraction sector. The sensors harness the capabilities of Morgan’s proprietary piezoelectric materials which can provide reliable sensing and monitoring in high-temperature environments above 200°C. Suitable for applications from custody transfer to gas flow monitoring,... [Read More]

April 29, 2015
The cosmetics, food, beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries use highly complex, sterile processes which necessitate compliance with stringent hygienic requirements. All wetted parts, i.e. materials coming into contact with the medium, must have been classified as hygienic and suitable for the appropriate processes. Under normal circumstances, chemical seals... [Read More]

April 14, 2015
Dutch process instrumentation manufacturer Klay instruments will launch a new differential pressure transmitter in June. The new dP-4000 has a stainless steel housing as standard, making it particularly suitable for the chemical industry. The transmitter has a graphic multilingual display with backlight. Programming is easy with a 'One touch programming button'. The... [Read More]

March 19, 2015
Measurement Specialties, now part of TE Connectivity, has released the MS5837-30BA, a low power, compact, gel filled pressure sensor with an I(2)C bus interface and high resolution of 2mm for depth measurement in various rugged environments. The high linearity pressure sensor features an ultra-low power delta sigma ADC that offers 24-bit pressure and temperature values,... [Read More]

February 23, 2015
Minco, a global provider of thermal, temperature sensing and control, and flex circuit solutions for high-reliability applications, has announced new pressure sensing capabilities with the addition of the P8211, P8271, and P8281 Series pressure sensors. Designed for pressure measurement in gases, vapours or liquids, these pressure sensor lines provide accurate, repeatable... [Read More]

December 8, 2014
Crystal Engineering, a unit of Ametek Test & Calibration Instruments, has released a new handheld pressure calibrator, engineered for 'advanced simplicity'. The HPC40 Series offers deadweight tester accuracy along with a host of user-friendly features that allow the handheld device to deliver laboratory accuracy to an on-site, field usable instrument. The series... [Read More]

October 1, 2014
GP:50 Corporation, an ISO9001 certified global manufacturer of static pressure sensing instrumentation, has introduced a new miniature flush diaphragm pressure transducer series. The flush diaphragm design of the GP:50 Model 188/288/388 makes it possible to make pressure measurements of high-viscosity fluids, even within high shock and vibration environments, without... [Read More]

September 23, 2014
Noshok, a supplier of pressure, level, temperature and force measurement instrumentation, has announced the availability of the new 810 series compact OEM temperature transmitter, which is designed for applications including mobile hydraulics, automotive, heat exchangers, HVAC, transportation and refrigeration controls. The Noshok 810 Series compact OEM temperature transmitter... [Read More]

August 26, 2014
GP:50, an AS9100C and ISO9001 certified manufacturer of pressure sensing instrumentation, has announced the introduction of its Model 216/316 Series, a family of compact, long range, high line differential pressure transducers. The GP:50 Model 216/316 Series is available in pressure ranges from 2.5" WCD thru 200 PSID (14 bar), with line pressure options up to 5000 PSI... [Read More]

July 30, 2014
NOV Mono has secured a major industry certification for its Pressure Sewer System (PSS). Mono's InviziQ system has been awarded the certification by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) making Mono the only PSS manufacturer in Australia to receive this recognition. The WSAA certification is awarded for various criteria, including meeting WSAA standards,... [Read More]

June 17, 2014
Kansas, US-based fluid handling equipment manufacturer Cashco has extended its range of valves with a new high-flow/high-sensitivity back pressure relief regulator. ‘The new B7 valve came about largely as a result of requests for an equivalent to our P7 high-flow/high sensitivity pressure reducing regulator, which we introduced in 2005,’ says Clint Rogers,... [Read More]

May 23, 2014
MadgeTech, a specialist data logging solutions, has announced the release of its new pressure, humidity and temperature data logger. The PRHTemp101A data logger is compact and optimised for both industrial and laboratory applications including storage or warehouse facilities, incubator monitoring, monitoring weather data or measuring barometric pressure in high-rise buildings. In... [Read More]