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July 12, 2017
Pump specialist AxFlow has added a new rotary positive displacement pump to its portfolio, the ‘twin-screw’ Waukesha Universal TS. The new pump uses Waukesha Alloy 88 non-galling material twin screws to pump various media containing large particulates, in turn lowering damage to the pump and reducing the need for maintenance. According to a statement from... [Read More]

June 23, 2017
New Way Air Bearings has announced it is now offering 'Bently balance bearings’, externally pressurised air bearings for non-contact support of rotors during balancing operations. The new air bearings can be applied to a range of pumps in a range of industries, and are designed to lead to smooth running through better balancing. Air bearings eliminate damage to... [Read More]

June 16, 2017
US based Atlas Copco Portable Energy has added to its medium and large submersible dewatering pumps with the launch of the WEDA+ plug and play range. Five models are included in the WEDA+ range: the WEDA 50, with normal and high head variants, and the WEDA 60+ available in normal head, high head and super high head configuration. According to Atlas Copco, the super high... [Read More]

June 8, 2017
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s (WMFTG) MasoSine Certa pump has become only the second pump on the market to achieve EHEDG Type EL Class I Aseptic certification, meaning it meets the demands for aseptic applications specified by the certificate. For users of the Certa pump, benefits of the certification include the fact the pump is self-draining, has a reduced... [Read More]

June 8, 2017
American company Xylem has launched a ‘newly enhanced’ compact pump range designed to efficiently pump wastewater in commercial buildings and municipal sewage applications. The water technology specialist has also announced the launch of the Flygt 3069, another new wastewater pump. Both feature Xylem’s Adaptive N technology, which allows “continuous,... [Read More]

June 7, 2017
KSB Aktiengesellschaft has launched a new compact high-pressure pump for horizontal installation in plant engineering applications. H(S)I is the latest addition to KSB’s compact high-pressure Movitec pumps range. Unusually for a compact high-pressure pump, the suction nozzle and discharge nozzle are arranged at a 90-degree angle more typical for process centrifugal... [Read More]

June 2, 2017
Tencarva Machinery has opened a new branch office in Columbus, Mississippi. Trent Unruh will both sell and perform service-related activities on pumps and liquid processing systems at the facility, reporting to Collins Allen, branch manager in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Tencarva is a distributor specialising in pumps, liquid processing and custom-designed systems. Since... [Read More]

May 31, 2017
Framo has signed a contract agreeing to supply Höegh LNG with a pumping system for its new Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU). The contract is for one unit, but includes the option for three more units which are currently being built at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. FSRU is a floating processing and terminal facility used when it is not profitable... [Read More]

May 22, 2017
Vertiflo Pump has launched its new Model 700 industrial vertical non-clog waste ejector pump for service in industrial wastes, sanitary wastes, process wastes and rendering wastes. The Model 700 is designed for long life in tough services with heads up to 100 feet TDH and flows to 1500 GPM. Two versions are available, the 1.5 inch diameter shaft size Model 724, and 1.25... [Read More]

May 16, 2017
Xylem’s Flygt Concertor eliminates clogging at Italian wastewater pumping station As the wastewater sector continues to focus on driving energy efficiency and a reduction in the total cost of pump ownership, the demand for intelligent, sustainable pumping solutions has never been greater. Global water technology company Xylem is committed to advancing technological... [Read More]

May 5, 2017
Caterpillar Oil & Gas has launched its new Pump Electronic Monitoring System (PEMS) technology at the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference. PEMS is designed to monitor pumps in well service operations, with Caterpillar claiming that the new system can help avoid catastrophic failures, minimise downtime and preserve fluid end and power end components. Available to order... [Read More]

May 3, 2017
Minneapolis based Wanner Engineering has introduced its new Q155 Series Quintuplex seal less pumps. The new pumps are designed for a range of applications including reverse osmosis in water and wastewater treatment, mine dewatering, salt water disposal, salt water injection, bulk transfer, hydraulic lift and steam generation. Featuring a seal-less, multi-diaphragm design,... [Read More]

April 25, 2017
The government of Madhya Pradesh, India, is set to provide nearly 18,500 solar powered water pumps to farmers at subsidised rates. According to the Times of India, the solar pumps are intended to increase the cultivatable land area, reduce dependency on diesel pumps and allow multi cropping. “We are going to make available solar borewell and surface pumps fitted... [Read More]

April 18, 2017
The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has developed a new energy labelling program to let manufacturers highlight their most energy efficient products, in turn helping commercial as well as industrial customers to save energy and money. According to a HI press release, over 25% of the electricity used in the US goes to powering pumps. The new HI Energy Rating (ER) Label will identify... [Read More]

April 13, 2017
Blackmer, part of PSG, a Dover company, has announced its latest addition to the pumps market. The company’s new S Series Screw Pumps are specifically designed for transferring highly viscous liquids, and are ideal for moving bitumen from tankers to distant tank-farm facilities. Liquid bitumen is a constant challenge in the fluid handling industry. Most commonly... [Read More]

April 12, 2017
Milton Roy has announced a new addition to the PROTEUS metering pump family, the company’s line of intelligent metering pumps. According to a press release, The PROTEUS Communications Model “expands the pump’s intelligence with programmable inputs and outputs.” Support for Modbus RTU and Profibus (Process Field Bus) DP protocols facilitates high... [Read More]