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December 8, 2015
Franklin Electric has expanded its line of VR Series vertical, stainless steel multi-stage pumps. The booster pumps are now available in 3, 5, 9, 15, 20, 30, 45, 65, and 95m3/h options with a flow range up to 600 gpm and 750ft of total dynamic head (TDH). The VR Series was manufactured to be the most durable booster pump on the market, according to Franklin. Each... [Read More]

December 7, 2015
A Bredel 40 hose pump from Watson-Marlow is the latest arrival at Farécla Products, a world-class manufacturer of cutting compounds and finishing products, where it is being used on a mobile platform to serve filling lines. The pump joins existing Bredel 65 and Bredel 100 pumps on site that are being deployed to transfer a number of extremely abrasive, highly viscous... [Read More]

December 4, 2015
The global water pump market was valued at $40.5 billion (€37.2bln) in 2014 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.6% during the period 2015 – 2020, according to a new market study. According to P&S Market Research, the rapid growth of the urban population is creating pressure on the existing water infrastructure,... [Read More]

December 2, 2015
Wilo-Stratos has released the high-efficiency energy saving glanded Giga pump for water processing applications. According to Wilo, the pump is delivers energy savings of up to 70% when compared to conventional pumps without speed control and 31% when compared to conventional electronically controlled pumps. This translates into a saving of up to eight tonnes of CO2... [Read More]

December 2, 2015
Wilo USA, a provider of pumps and pump solutions for water management, building services and groundwater, has released the Wilo Helix Excel high-efficiency multistage pump line. The Helix Excel offers efficiencies up to 94% due to the EC motor and high efficiency drive combination. The company reports 20%-50% energy savings compared to a multistage pump with a VFD and... [Read More]

November 30, 2015
Armstrong Fluid Technology (AFT) has introduced its generation Design Envelope pumps. The new pump range features 33 advanced energy savings models ranging in sizes from one to 75HP, AFT says. The new pumps are designed to increase energy savings while providing more sustainable solutions. ‘The Design Envelope (DE) technology integrates the latest selection, control,... [Read More]

November 30, 2015
BBA Pumps has introduced a new design of its B Series self-priming pumps. The design of the larger B pumps (6" to 10") has been modified to provide higher pump efficiency and a larger passage for solids. The production process of the pump range’s smaller models, such as the electrically driven B40 to B70, has also been enhanced, BBA reports. The company aims to... [Read More]

November 24, 2015
Michael Smith Engineers has introduced a new range of Inoxpa Prolac HCP hygienic centrifugal pumps for high hygiene level applications. The Prolac HCP range of compact, close-coupled centrifugal pumps are designed to provide flow rates up to 220m3/h, maximum differential pressure (heads) up to 140m, and maximum system pressures of 16 bar. The pumps are available in 316L... [Read More]

November 24, 2015
The global screw pumps market is projected to grow significantly by 2019, posting a compound annual growth rate of over 7%, a new market study forecasts. According to the study, conducted by Research and Markets, the growth is triggered by rapid urbanisation and industrialisation around the globe. Urbanisation has resulted in a rising demand for improved infrastructure... [Read More]

November 20, 2015
Curtiss-Wright Corp. (CW) has successfully completed the shipment of the first pair of AP1000 reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) for Sanmen Unit 1 in China, the world's first AP1000 nuclear power plant. The two RCPs are expected to be on-site in December 2015, in support of key project milestones. CW also expects to complete production and shipment of the remaining... [Read More]

November 19, 2015
Amarinth, a UK-based pump manufacturer, has delivered a bespoke 2.8m vertical hydrocarbon condensate pump to a Sonatrach refinery in Algeria. The delivered pump will act as a direct plug-and-play replacement for an existing unreliable pump. The replacement pump required rapid delivery due to concerns that the refinery could be shut down if a catastrophic failure of the... [Read More]

November 18, 2015
Two Landia chopper pumps have resolved plugging and subsequent costly maintenance issues at one of the largest convention centres in California, US. A pump and engineering distributor Mitchell Lewis & Staver were called in to the Moscone Center in San Francisco by Koffler Electric to address regular wet well problems. Effluent from the centre’s bathrooms, combined... [Read More]

November 17, 2015
HealthAid, one of the UK’s premier manufacturers and distributors of nutritionally balanced supplements, has replaced its ageing and increasingly unreliable filling machine with a Flexicon PF6 tabletop aseptic liquid filler from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology (WMFT). The investment has not only increased machine uptime, but boosted dispensing... [Read More]

November 17, 2015
When upgrading one of Europe’s largest sewers, which currently serves 3.5 million people, increasing its capacity by 60%, and taking into account a predicted population increase of 10% by 2021, it is understandable why such a system is regarded as a ‘super sewer’. These are the scale of the upgrades being undertaken by Thames Water at their Beckton and... [Read More]

November 17, 2015
Jump, a French manufacturer of positive displacement, vacuum, and drum pumps, has upgraded its JE Series eccentric disc pump. The company has so far manufactured its equipment from ductile iron or 316L stainless steel, but it is now expanding its range to cover stainless cast iron fabrication. Stainless cast iron can be used in sensitive applications for which 316L stainless... [Read More]

November 13, 2015
Verder has introduced the new VA25-HP (DA) high pressure air-operated double diaphragm pump for compressed air pressure and filter press applications. The new AODD pump is capable of boosting up pressure up to two times the used compressed air pressure and stalling against closed discharge, with no safety pressure valve required. The VA25-HP (DA) has no need for ancillary... [Read More]