News Category: Level Monitoring
June 29, 2015
Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS), a modular software suite. The EPMS supplements basic pipeline management systems with specific liquid or gas applications that enable pipeline operator to manage delivery contracts and associated logistics in a time and energy efficient manner. With a SCADA platform covering... [Read More]

February 19, 2015
ATEK Access Technologies has launched a new series of liquid tank monitors for fuel and lube distributors, waste oil collectors and others managing liquid assets. The TankScan Cellular Ultrasonic (TCU) monitor, a fully integrated cellular-enabled tank level monitoring solution, provides remote access to liquid tank data anywhere there is Internet access via the TankScan... [Read More]

December 16, 2014
TankLink, a specialist in wireless remote tank monitoring, recently launched the new TankLink 95 wireless monitoring solution for 3G/4G networks. The TankLink 95 is an intrinsically safe tank monitoring solution, certified to US standards for operation in areas designated as Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations. The system addresses safety regulations in industrial... [Read More]

September 15, 2014
MTS Systems, a supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, has announced that the chief controller of explosives (CCoE) with the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) has issued updated safety approvals for its Level Plus M-Series level transmitters Models MR and MG in India. Electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive applications... [Read More]

August 26, 2014
Krohne, a specialist in measuring systems for process industries, has introduced a new 10 GHz FMCW radar level meter for liquid applications in up to a 30m (98ft) measuring range. The Optiwave 5200 C/F, a 2-wire loop powered device, measures level and volume in storage or process tanks with process conditions up to 250°C and pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi) for general... [Read More]

August 14, 2014
In response to demand, BTE has developed a new type suction line level indicator system. The new device mounted on the top corner of a tank can send a signal to a PLC controller in the Control Room to show the operating level of the floating suction arm. The system is an adaptation of the BTE mechanical indicator system employed to date. BTE is a specialist in the provision... [Read More]

July 30, 2014
The Aqua XL and the Aqua Medium from ATMI are robust float level switches constructed with an internal ballast. The microswitch inside these float switches tilts as the liquid level rises, closing or opening an electrical circuit. Thanks to its volume and weight, the switches are able to penetrate the grease layers found on wastewater pumping stations. They are ideal... [Read More]

July 18, 2014
Gems Sensors & Controls has introduced a new cost-effective range of single float transmitters specifically designed for high-accuracy continuous shallow tank monitoring applications. The company is an industry supplier of liquid level sensors, pressure sensors and flow sensors as well as fluid control devices. The Gems XM/XT Series of single float transmitters is... [Read More]

July 18, 2014
Emco Wheaton has launched an overfill system designed to prevent product overflows of fuel tankers during loading alongside ensuring that safety is paramount. The F2020 Overfill Sensor uses electronic signals to prevent product overflows of tanker compartments, ensuring valuable fluid is not lost. Designed for tankers of up to eight compartments, the system is connected... [Read More]

July 3, 2014
Pedigree Technologies has released a mobile fluid monitoring system in partnership with Pro-Fab Industries of Arborg, Manitoba and Titan Logix of Edmonton, Alberta. When used alongside the Titan Logix TD80 liquid-level gauging system, the Pedigree Technologies OneView platform can be used to remotely monitor levels of crude, produced water, acid, jet fuel and other liquid... [Read More]

June 3, 2014
ATEK Access Technologies has launched a tank level monitoring solution for fuel distributors, waste oil collectors and others managing liquid assets. The TankScan TSM8000 provides remote access to liquid tank data anywhere an Internet connection is available. This allows customers to reduce tank service costs by an average of 30%, ensures efficient delivery and collection... [Read More]

January 13, 2014
Advanced industrial technology company Titan Logix has announced its release of the latest addition to the company's product offerings. Designed for use with Titan's TD80 liquid level gauging system for mobile tankers, the Finch II is an enhanced version of the company's Finch 5332E external display. The Finch II is able to monitor up to two compartments simultaneously... [Read More]

November 13, 2013
Industry technology provider Digi International, which produces a variety of wireless devices and offers computerised digital services, has launched the latest addition to its range of solutions for tank monitoring. The Digi Connect Tank is a fully integrated, cellular-enabled remote tank level monitoring solution for single tanks, totes and containers. The Digi Connect... [Read More]

September 30, 2013
US-based industrial control business AutomationDirect has added the Flowline EchoTouch, EchoSpan, and EchoSwitch lines of ultrasonic liquid level sensors and transmitters, as well as the PodView digital level indicator to its product offerings. Constructed with PVDF transducers and NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosures, these sensors replace float, conductance and pressure... [Read More]

September 9, 2013
Ruro, a developer of research software and inventory solutions, has introduced a second additional module to its ezColony software.Developed specifically for breeding and transgenic laboratories, the Advanced Alerts module allows users to send custom notifications to designated contacts, such as when animal count falls below a pre-defined level. ‘This critical level... [Read More]