News Category: Flowmeters
February 16, 2015
Primary Flow Signal (PFS), a designer and manufacturer of flow metering solutions, has successfully installed a rectangular Halmi Venturi flowmeter used to measure sewage discharge from the Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant in Washington, DC, US. According to the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, the Blue Plains plant is the largest of its... [Read More]

February 10, 2015
Aquaflow, a division of T-T Pumps, recently introduced a range of new liquid turbine flowmeters for demanding applications. The Acuflux's durability is demonstrated in its temperate range, allowing a flow of liquid from -40°C to +85°C and a 40 bar maximum working pressure. The flowmeter incorporates a two line LCD display indicating flow rate, volume and cumulative... [Read More]

February 10, 2015
Titan Enterprises has built an ultrasonic water meter technology demonstrator using its Atrato flowmeter as a platform. The new device meets all the required water industry performance standards and fits within the 110mm desirable mounting length. The world domestic water meter market is estimated to reach over 30 million units this year. The majority of these will be... [Read More]

January 30, 2015
Analyser and sampling system engineers in search of a flow switch/monitor that is approved for use in hazardous locations will be interested to learn that the Model FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor from Fluid Components International (FCI) has received FM Div 1/Zone 1 approval on all remote probe configurations. The 'FM approved' mark assures FCI's customers that independent... [Read More]

January 21, 2015
UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter has shipped two highly customised flowmeters via its Korean distributor for use on the Valemon gas and condensate field recently brought online in the North Sea by Statoil. One is a large V125 positive displacement flowmeter, the other a small LF05 VFF meter. The order was placed for each meter to be built to a degree of customisation... [Read More]

January 8, 2015
Titan Enterprises has released a new data recording version of its Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter software interface. Designed for ease of use, the Atrato flow recorder enables data recording via an external computer. With features that provide monitoring, reporting and management of flow data, the device delivers a continuous picture of the process and a reliable alternative... [Read More]

December 4, 2014
Emerson Process Management has introduced new Daniel multi-path gas and liquid ultrasonic meters that feature a next-generation electronics platform. The accuracy, line size breadth, and flexibility make the new JuniorSonic one-path (3411) or two-path (3412), and SeniorSonic four-path (3414) gas ultrasonic meters ideal for a number of flow measurement applications. In... [Read More]

October 24, 2014
Krohne has introduced a new vortex flowmeter for the measurement of conducting and non-conducting liquids, gases and steam. The Optiswirl 4200 is targeted at auxiliary and supply applications in various industries, such as internal monitoring of energy flows for saturated and superheated steam or hot water, and heat metering applications. Areas of usage also cover steam... [Read More]

October 20, 2014
Emerson Process Management has introduced a coriolis flow transmitter designed to translate measurement data into meaningful insight and instruction. The Micro Motion Model 5700 Transmitter is applicable for a range of applications, from liquid and gas custody transfer to simple process control. 'The Model 5700 transmitter was developed using Emerson's Human Centred... [Read More]

October 9, 2014
Titan Enterprises has developed and is supplying a high pressure version of its 900 Series turbine flowmeter for measuring refrigerant flow. Adapted with steel reinforced polymer components, to give a pressure rating of 40 Bar, the low inertia turbines of the 900 Series flowmeter are designed for measuring the low viscosities (0.3 to 0.4 centipoises) encountered with... [Read More]

September 23, 2014
ABB, a power and automation technology group, has launched a new multi-phase flowmeter for measuring real-time production in the oil and gas upstream sector. The Vega Isokinetic Sampling (VIS) multi-phase flowmeter is designed for monitoring the flow rates of produced oil, gas and water close to the wellhead. VIS allows the measurement of three different phases at the... [Read More]

September 23, 2014
Litre Meter has shipped six LF05 VFF positive displacement flowmeters to China via a distributor for use in chemical injection applications on an offshore platform. The Atex-certified rotary piston flowmeters are used to measure the flow of a number of chemicals including corrosion inhibitor, demulsifier and scale inhibitor. One meter was calibrated for very low flow... [Read More]

September 9, 2014
Titan Enterprises, based in Sherborne, UK, has reported a doubling of the number of flowmeters sold to export markets during its last financial year. During that year, Titan saw record production of over 45,000 flowmeters shipped to 34 countries worldwide. Notable growth was seen in sales of the company's innovative Atrato ultrasonic flow meter as well as its Oval Gear... [Read More]

September 2, 2014
Thermal mass flow sensors and measuring systems are well-known devices that are offered in a wide range of products by a handful of suppliers in the marketplace. Most of the designs are compact, ready to use systems with an inlet and an outlet, and a channel including a passive or an active output. These systems are sufficient for many general-purpose applications where... [Read More]

August 26, 2014
Capable of operating up to 110°C, the high temperature Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is purpose designed for applications requiring precise flow measurement at elevated temperatures. The Atrato is an inline non-invasive flowmeter without the contorted flow path and disadvantages of alternative ultrasonic designs. It can handle flows from laminar... [Read More]

July 29, 2014
Tricor Coriolis Technology has announced the release of a new 3" Coriolis flowmeter to add to its TCM series. This meter is particularly well-suited to the oil & gas industry in applications such as measuring the midstream transportation of oil & gas, rail car & truck loading, allocation metering in crude oil and natural gas production, and metering of refined... [Read More]