News Category: Flowmeters
June 9, 2015
Despite limited evidence of the performance of coriolis and ultrasonic flow meter technology, they are being increasingly deployed for single phase oil flows contaminated with water or natural gas. DNV GL has initiated a joint industry project (JIP), now open for industry partners, exploration and production (E&P) companies and manufacturers to join, to assess the... [Read More]

June 8, 2015
Materials engineering company Morgan Advanced Materials has teamed up with a leading research university to investigate the use of alumina blocks in new generation ultrasonic flow meters. Together, Morgan and Loughborough University's Advanced Ceramics Research Group are exploring the potential use of reflective alumina blocks in place of the stainless steel blocks which... [Read More]

June 1, 2015
Litre Meter has secured a new contract with a US manufacturer of precision agricultural spraying systems for meters to be used in a new range of high-tech equipment. The company says it is unable to name its customer for its latest contract because of the confidential nature of the current product development work. The business has been based on the supply and continued... [Read More]

May 26, 2015
A large order of 45 positive chemical injection flowmeters from UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter is being shipped to the Ichthys liquid natural gas field off Western Australia via Litre Meter's South Korean distributors, S-TEK. Central to the project are three different sizes of meter, V125, HF40 and HF60, each of which had to be built to a degree of customisation.... [Read More]

May 19, 2015
Flow Research has announced that the United States Patent Office has approved the application by founder Jesse Yoder of a new dual tube flowmeter. This flowmeter is designed to provide superior and more accurate measurement of flows in large pipes at a reduced cost. The approved patent application applies to seven different flow technologies, including coriolis, magnetic,... [Read More]

May 19, 2015
With the introduction of a new high pressure electromagnetic flowmeter, Endress+Hauser now offers a complete portfolio of instrumentation for the oil & gas industry. Approved for use in hazardous areas, the Promag 53 is designed for demanding environmental and process conditions. The material specification and construction of the Promag 53 have been chosen to withstand... [Read More]

May 7, 2015
UK-based Titan Enterprises has reported on its involvement in the development of a unique disposable flow sensor for CRISI Medical Systems (San Diego, USA), a subsidiary of Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD). Titan Enterprises assisted CRISI in the early days of development of the unique flow sensor used in the BD Intelliport, a medication management system for manual... [Read More]

April 22, 2015
The Metra-Batch from Titan Enterprises has been designed to provide precise batch control, blending or bottle/tank filling of chemicals, food ingredients, beverages, fuels and solvents. The flow controller can be configured as a plant or panel mounted unit offering two-stage batch control and automatic over-run compensation. The eight-digit batch display is selectable... [Read More]

March 31, 2015
A specialist in designing and manufacturing lubrication and coating systems for the glass container and tableware industries, Graphoidal Developments approached Titan Enterprises to develop an alternative flowmeter that would be immune to the 'dirty water' problem it encountered with the deposition of rust in the water coolant lines. The solution had to operate over a... [Read More]

March 31, 2015
Sensirion, a Switzerland-based specialist in digital microsensor technology, is expanding its range of liquid flow sensors for measuring low flow rates. The new SLS-1500 liquid flowmeter delivers fast and precise measurements for flow rates of 0 to 40 ml/min. The compact liquid flowmeter is designed to offer a sensor solution for applications in demanding industrial environments... [Read More]

March 26, 2015
Gems Sensors' new generation of RotorFlow sensors, the RF-2500 Series, has been totally re-engineered with a one piece composite rotor, stronger unibody construction, ceramic shaft and better sealing. The new designs are intended for greater durability with broader chemical, temperature and pressure capabilities. Switch types RotorFlow RFS type stitches are designed... [Read More]

March 23, 2015
Turbines Incorporated, a specialist in the design and manufacture of turbine flow metering solutions, has expanded its cryogenic monitoring capabilities with the availability of its updated cryogenic turbine flowmeter for industrial, chemical, aerospace, as well as R&D applications. The TMC Series cryogenic turbine flowmeter has an all stainless steel body and shaft,... [Read More]

March 16, 2015
Global manufacturer Sierra Instruments has upgraded its InnovaSonic Ultrasonic Transit-Time flowmeters for water and other liquid flow measurement applications. Working on the concept of efficiency in design, Sierra has redesigned its entire ultrasonic flowmeter product line to use similar components and improve usability. This redesign allows Sierra to pass cost savings... [Read More]

March 10, 2015
Emerson Process Management has introduced the Micro Motion Heavy Fuel Viscosity Meter (HFVM) Viscomaster, the next generation of the Micro Motion 7829 Viscomaster direct insertion viscosity and density meter. Making use of the same tuning fork design as its predecessors, the HFVM incorporates a new robust low friction Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating that is ideal for... [Read More]

March 5, 2015
Fluidwell has launched the F018 flow monitor/totaliser with fully integrated HART 7 Communication. The robust F018 is equipped with a digital output and a galvanically isolated analogue output according to the linearised flow rate. 'HART communication is one of the most popular industrial protocols today, due to the wide installed base of 4 - 20mA systems throughout... [Read More]

February 27, 2015
Litre Meter has shipped a number of flowmeters to Petrobras for use in a chemical injection application for offshore production in Azerbaijan. The Buckingham-based company shipped three different sizes of VFF positive displacement flowmeters for chemical injection measurement at different flow rates. The order consisted of three HF40 meters, a V125 positive displacement... [Read More]