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December 21, 2016
California-based Fluid Components International (FCI) has unveiled a new flow meter called ST100. According to the flow measurement company, its new ST100 Air/Gas Thermal Flow Meter features a fast-response direct mass flow sensor for the close ratio control of natural gas and air feeds to support turbine safety and improve efficiency. It is targeted at engineers at... [Read More]

December 5, 2016
The Indonesian government is planning to force oil and gas contractors to install flowmeters at their wells after years of criticism over lack of production data in the field. Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s oil and gas director general IGN Wiratmaja Puja said the government would stipulate the installation of flowmeters through a ministerial regulation... [Read More]

November 24, 2016
Chemoil Middle East DMCC has fitted its time-chartered and owned barges in Fujairah with E&H mass flowmeter (MFM) systems that have passed the TR48 acceptance test.  Chemoil worked closely with Lloyd's Register (LR), together with the National Metrology Centre (NMC) of Singapore, A*Star, and bunker consultancy Metcore International to certify the barge systems... [Read More]

November 23, 2016
Arjay Engineering has discontinued its 4100-OCF open channel flow monitor, and replaced it with the new 4100-PRO monitor. The 4100-PRO is a multi-oil/water interface profiler monitor and uses multiple sensing probes to measure the capacitance field at distinct points within the tank. The resulting profile can be used to track the vertical location of an interface/rag... [Read More]

November 11, 2016
Dutch monitoring equipment manufacturer VPInstruments has introduced a new reliable and easy to use compression fitting and safety cable for all VPFlowCopes models of flowmeters. The Delft-based company produces flowmeters that have to be inserted into pressurised systems. With such meters, it is important that there is a clearly visible safety cable to keep the sensor... [Read More]

November 8, 2016
Krohne has introduced the Opticheck flowmeter verification tool, providing in-situ verification for mass and other flowmeters and enabling operators to perform preventive maintenance and responsive service. When the Opticheck is connected in-line on site, it gathers measuring data to ensure that the flowmeter is performing within 1% of the factory calibration, with a... [Read More]

November 3, 2016
Ultrasonic flare metering company Fluenta has renewed its partnership agreement with Netherlands-based liquid and gas flow solutions provider Wegman. The agreement marks a successful commercial relationship spanning almost a decade that supports Dutch operators with regulatory compliance, safety management, and emissions reductions, Fluenta says. Wegman provides advice,... [Read More]

November 1, 2016
Flow solutions provider Fluid Components International (FCI) has established a joint venture with GAS Arabian Services Co. called Fluid Components Saudi Arabia. The new joint venture in Saudi Arabia offers service and support for all local and regional users of FCI instrumentation. The facility provides immediate access to FCI engineering and technical support, local... [Read More]

October 26, 2016
Burger & Brown Engineering has released the new Tracer VM electronic flowmeter with a user interface employing vortex shedding technology to monitor liquid flow rate and temperature. The newly designed control circuit provides some of the same features as the company’s previous switching tracer flowmeter such as turbulent flow indication (FCI technology) with... [Read More]

October 20, 2016
Flow measurement specialist Krohne has upgraded its entire range of Optimass Coriolis mass flowmeters to feature entrained gas management (EGM) technology. With the latest additions of Optimass 3400 and 7400, the whole Optimass series now offers continuous and repeatable mass flow or density measurement with two-phase flows, such as liquids mixed with gas, slurries with... [Read More]

October 17, 2016
The global market for flowmeters is estimated to reach $8.72 billion (€7.94bn) by 2021, registering a compound annual growth rate of 6.4% between 2016 and 2021. The market for flowmeters is largely driven by the rising demand for accurate measuring instruments from water and wastewater, and oil and gas industries. There is an increased demand for reliable flowmeters,... [Read More]

October 12, 2016
Tricor Coriolis Technology has released the new TCMH-0450 high pressure Coriolis flowmeter with certification for use in hazardous areas. This meter is particularly well suited to the oil and gas industry for high pressure chemical injection applications, as well as gas measurement applications such as engine test benches, hydrogen fuel stations, and high pressure gas... [Read More]

October 11, 2016
Titan Enterprises, through its agent JLC International for North and South America, has shipped 39 Atrato ultrasonic flowmeters to Peruvian engineering company Dynaflux. Working collaboratively on a complex project with Minas Buenaventura, Peru's largest publicly-traded precious metals company, the team sought a flowmeter that offered high accuracy and repeatability at... [Read More]

October 4, 2016
Fluid Components International (FCI) has released the new advanced, SIL IEC 61508 compliant ST51A and ST75A thermal mass flowmeters as a solution for air/gas flow measurement.  For engineers designing safety instrumented systems, these models provide compact, low-cost thermal flow metering solutions carrying a SIL rating. They were independently evaluated by world... [Read More]

September 26, 2016
Fluenta, a global ultrasonic flare meter manufacturer, has announced that the Colorado Engineering Experiment Station (CEESI) has proved Fluenta meters perform with an uncertainty of less than 3% without prior calibration. Fluenta tested its 160 Flare Gas Meter at the CEESI testing facility in Colorado, US.  The results show that taken “straight out of the... [Read More]

September 16, 2016
US-based measurement solutions developes McCrometer has added new plug-and-play real-time Smart Output communications to its FPI Mag, SPI Mag, and Ultra Mag flowmeter. The three meters all provide a solution for automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) in support of utility smart grids that help conserve water resources, reduce expensive non-revenue... [Read More]