Volume 5, Issue 4
Published: July 28, 2017
The use and measurement of natural gas is growing as environmental concerns increase. Global warming and the world’s emission of fossil fuels has become such a critical issue worldwide that most... [Read more]
The flow measurement of multipath transit time ultrasonic meters (USMs) is a vital function because USMs ultimately act as cash registers, measuring gas volume as it moves between businesses within a natural... [Read more]
The requirement for a port entry in buttweld valves in the LNG industry has become extremely common. The end user’s key objective is to align with regulatory requirements such as EN 1473 or NFPA... [Read more]
Why would you choose to use mechanicalseals over gland packing? Why would you choose the more expensive option if you’re already coping with your currentmethod? Is it really any better?  Naturally... [Read more]
A major Romanian oil company approached OPW to provide an easy to install, reliable above ground fill point solution for a new build filling station including associated internal equipment (pipework and... [Read more]
Through effective data analysis, both a university and an LNG plant have seen huge benefits. The collection, retention and analysis of data is everywhere, from supermarkets to election campaigns. The insights... [Read more]
A Q&A with Ryan Spooner, Automation & Instrumentation Engineering manager for Singer Valve. Singer Valve is a global manufacturer of hydraulic operated water control valves. These control valves... [Read more]
In a variety of applications across a number of industries, air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps provide reliable, high performance pumping. They have come to be known as the “work horse”... [Read more]
A quick internet search of the term peristalsis will swiftly lead to a screenfull of images of the human digestive system. More than just being a biology lesson however, this gives an insight into a form... [Read more]
Few components in plant and equipment engineering are as steeped in tradition as the pump, but how does this fit in with the age of digitalisation? Is it even possible to design a hydraulic element that... [Read more]