June 7, 2017

Vaisala and DryKeep team up on 'new way' of moisture monitoring

Industrial measurement specialist Vaisala is teaming up with DryKeep to boost the moisture monitoring capabilities of its transformer dry-out system, by installing Vaisala’s HUMICAP MMT 162 sensor.

The partnership comes as DryKeep works to meet increasing demand for installation of its transformer monitoring display systems across the US.

Vaisala’s MMT162 is a capacitive thin-film polymer sensor, developed by Vaisala to provide moisture measurements in liquid hydrocarbons, including those used to insulate transformers. DryKeep’s SMART controller displays real-time moisture and temperature values for transformers. As part of the new agreement between the two companies, Vaisala will supply its MMT162 sensor as required, on a project by project basis.

“Transformer technology is frequently being pushed to the limits in terms of how long it is expected to perform, and there is a greater need for up-to-the-minute information in order to meet this demand," said Steven Jiroutek, Business Development Manager at Vaisala.

 "Equipping DryKeep's controller with our MMT162 sensor will allow it to accurately monitor moisture levels within transformers, and clearly communicate this information to site engineers and maintenance personnel - reducing the need for costly manual interventions."

Moisture levels are generally assessed using a manual process involving laboratory analysis of oil samples extracted by engineers. The DryKeep system however, allows constant monitoring of moisture and temperature levels with a 7-inch, touch operated LCD screen attached to the transformer itself.

"The old way of doing things was good for the time because that's all that was available, but by using reactive strategies they were not necessarily dealing with the actual problem," said Ed Vance, Director at DryKeep. "They were fixing it temporarily, until the next time the moisture built up, and all the while the mechanical properties of the paper were deteriorating fast.

 "The MMT162 sensor allows us to control the drying process and send historical data and trend analysis to the operator - and this can all be done without shutting down the transformer."

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