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New drive options for Micropump gear pumps

The high performance range of Micropump leak free, pulseless magnet drive pumps are now available with all-new compact and lightweight electromagnetic brushless DC motors which provide increased torque and power. Available through Michael Smith Engineers, the new EagleDrive EL and MS electromagnetic drives represent high performance drive options which extend the potential applications for the established Micropump range.

These new drives can be coupled with most models in the Micropump range, such as the GA, GB, GJ, GJR, GAF and CA pumps, and can be operated at higher speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Fewer moving parts ensures higher reliability and longer life while their compact size and variable speed operation enables them to be integrated into system designs where space is limited yet the requirements are for optimum performance. Micropump gear pumps with Eagle Drives cover flow rates up to 5,000 ml/min and differential pressures to 17 bar while the Micropump CA Series centrifugal pump with Eagle Drive covers flow rates up to 22 l/min and differential heads to 7m.

Other features include speed adjustment using 0-5 vdc signal, over temperature, under voltage and internal fault output signals, forward and reverse rotation, surface mounted electronics, built-in microprocessor control and tachometer output for simple system integration. For OEM's the Eagle Drives can be supplied without their protective enclosures, or without foot bracket to enable bulkhead mounting

The EL and MS drives operate on a wide range of power supply voltages from 10V to 38 VDC and withstand operating temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +120ºC.