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Jump upgrades its JE Series eccentric disc pumps

Jump, a French manufacturer of positive displacement, vacuum, and drum pumps, has upgraded its JE Series eccentric disc pump.

The company has so far manufactured its equipment from ductile iron or 316L stainless steel, but it is now expanding its range to cover stainless cast iron fabrication.

Stainless cast iron can be used in sensitive applications for which 316L stainless steel might not be a cost-effective option.

The JE Series technology allows transferring fluids of varying viscosity in several industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, energy, and mining.

The JE Series pumps can be adapted for sensitive, abrasive, or corrosive products, and are also compatible with different types of connections (PN16 or PN20 flanges, hose barb, clamp, SMS, DIN, MACON, etc.), allowing integration into existing facilities.

Jump eccentric disc pumps maintain the integrity and quality of the pumped product due to a low shear rate and reduced pulsation.

The pumps also make it possible to disassemble the mechanical seal.

All elements can be removed from the front without uncoupling the pump from the piping and the motor allows to the mechanical seal cartridge, which saves maintenance time and productivity.

The JE Series pumps are self-priming and reversible, able to handle flow rates of up to 96m3/h and temperatures between -5-250°C, have a maximum pumping speed of 1,000 rpm, and can process a viscosity up to 15,000 cSt.

They are also capable of running dry and are ATEX certified.