New KSB suspended pumps

(via KSB)
(via KSB)

The Estigia type series extends the KSB portfolio for the chemical and petrochemical industries and other applications, and will be showcased at this year’s ACHEMA trade fair in Frankfurt. The pumps are built for high efficiency and low operating costs.

The low-pressure suspended pumps are designed for vertical wet installation in a closed tank under atmospheric pressure. For the installation depth, various lengths ranging from a minimum of 852mm to a maximum of 6402mm are available and three discharge pipe diameters can be selected for each pump size.

Given the vertical design, the pumps only require a small amount of space. When the immersion depth exceeds 2400 mm, an element between the support column sections and the discharge pipe is designed to significantly reduce vibrations. The casing cover of the pump is fitted with a product-lubricated plain bearing made of high-grade, wear-resistant silicon carbide. This is meant to allow a long service life and long maintenance intervals.

The pump set is built to be easy to install and dismantle, with its integrated cover plate serving as the tank cover. The material variants include cast iron, stainless steel and duplex steel. Replaceable casing wear rings prevent possible wear on the casing and impeller.

The pump set can be supplied with shaft bearings lubricated by the fluid handled, an external liquid or an electric grease pump. A so-called cantilever design is also available. This version is designed to ISO 5199, with flexible coupling and grease-lubricated rolling element bearings arranged outside the fluid handled. The pump is suitable for fluid temperatures between -30 and 100 degrees Celsius. It can be driven by variable speed and fixed speed electric motors, with or without ATEX approval.

(via KSB)