Volume 4, Issue 6
Published: October 31, 2016
Here at Crest we want to ensure that our pumps are always working at their most efficient level. To achieve this, we are often reliant on external factors, such as an effective piping design. Sometimes... [Read more]
Pipework users across the entire industrial spectrum, but particularly in the petrochemical sector, regularly face the difficulty of having to repair or replace pipe sections or change in-line components... [Read more]
Industrial processes in the oil, petrochemical, chemical, and energy sectors have evolved to use ever higher pressures. The use of high pressure has been found to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Moreover,... [Read more]
As an engineer in the field, there is nothing more infuriating than finding you have the wrong size or type of fitting to complete the job. No matter how well stocked the van is, it is impossible to carry... [Read more]
Industrial customers throughout the world who are responsible for the safety and integrity of aboveground andunderground storage tanks look to their trusted advisors and suppliers for tank protection products... [Read more]
Everyone involved in valve manufacturing knows that German industry has very strict regulations and norms that manufacturers must carefully fulfil in order to be approved for different applications. The... [Read more]
When it comes to specifying pumping equipment, many companies, particularly those under increasing pressure to cut costs, could actually be making decisions that will cost them more in the long run. Lifecycle... [Read more]
Located in Lincolnshire, UK, the town of Grimsby's Freshney pumping station is a key element of its flood defences, which were first enshrined in statute way back in the Grimsby Haven Act of 1796. Whenthe... [Read more]
A malfunctioning pump can cause massive damage, and hence high costs – even just in terms of downtime and loss of production. On top of this come the costs of repair work and the time requirements,... [Read more]
Lift stations are a key link in the chain of wastewater collection and treatment. Traditional lift stations use submersible pumps in a wet well, which are activated by float switches when the water reaches... [Read more]
To extract zinc from ore, such as zinc sulphite, the ore has to be heat-treated first to obtain calcine (Zno). Then, the calcine is leached with sulphuric acid to solubilise the zinc, which is later electrolysed... [Read more]
Valve World Expo will draw the best and brightest of the valve and flow management industries to Düsseldorf in Germany on 29 November – 1 December. In this preview we give a small sample of... [Read more]
There are many situations where reliable flow monitoring is required. Beyond simply measuring flow rate, further monitoring may be needed from measuring the flow throughout a process network, identifying... [Read more]
Ethylene is used as a critical feedstock for many petrochemical products, including polyethylene, ethylene oxide, and polyvinyl chloride. Ethylene is typically transferred in mass flow units (lbs, kg,... [Read more]
Flowmeters play a vitally important role in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas are both measured many times as they move from the wellhead to a gas processing plant or refinery. The output of a gas... [Read more]
A question asked often in the liquid handling business is "What is new?" In many cases it is an enquiry made in the hope that someone, somewhere, has devised a new and ingenious method for providing complete... [Read more]
Britain is a nation that loves its food. A staggering 1.5 million cans of Heinz baked beans are sold every day in the UK. Food production is a very important part of the country's culture and economy,... [Read more]
Virtually every product assembled requires bonding or sealing at some stage of the process. Manual and automated technologies for single-component and two-component bonding and sealing are available for... [Read more]